The first two days (January 20th-21st 2020) of the Ice Giant workshop will take place at the prestigious London home of the Royal Society, in their Wellcome Trust lecture theatre. Advance registration is essential via this link.

Instructions for reaching the Royal Society are available here.

The third day (January 22nd 2020) of the workshop will feature Splinter Sessions hosted at the Learned Institutions of Burlington House (Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Geological Society, and the Linnean Society). Details on abstract submission and splinter-meeting registration are available below.

The Royal Society and Burlington House are separated by a 12-minute walk via St. James’s Square Gardens.


The Ice Giant Systems workshop will be consist of four distinct components:

  1. Invited Reviews: Talks at the Royal Society (Monday and Tuesday, January 20th-21st) covering Ice Giant System science (origins, interiors, atmospheres, magnetospheres, satellites, rings), the connections to Exoplanetary science and heliophysics, and potential mission concepts and technologies to enable our future robotic explorers.

  2. Contributed posters: A dedicated session at the Royal Society on Monday January 20th, showcasing the latest research. Abstracts submitted to this session will be available to plenary speakers for their invited reviews.

  3. Splinter Sessions: Contributed oral presentations for Splinter Sessions on Wednesday January 22nd in three themes: Ice Giant Atmospheres, Origins and Interiors; Ice Giant Magnetospheres and Auroras; Ice Giant Rings and Satellites. Splinter Sessions will occur at Burlington House (Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Geological Society, and the Linnean Society).

  4. Review Papers: Outcomes of plenary sessions, poster sessions, and splinter meetings will be summarised by our invited speakers in a dedicated special issue of the prestigious Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

Registration and Abstracts

Registration for the Royal Society plenary sessions (January 20th and 21st 2020) and the Splinter Workshops (January 22nd 2020) are now open.

  1. Plenary Registration: The two-day plenary sessions are free to attend, but advance registration is essential via this link.

  2. Splinter Registration: Registration for the splinter workshops on January 22nd at Burlington House is via a separate process using this link - a £55 fee will be charged to cover the costs of venue hire and catering (refreshments and lunch will be provided). Closing deadline for registration is 12:00 GMT (noon) on Tuesday December 10th 2019.

  3. Abstract Submission: We invite contributed abstracts from the scientific community for both a poster session (Monday 20th, evening) and/or the splinter workshops on Wednesday 22nd. Please download this form and follow the instructions carefully. This allows you to state your preferred presentation (oral or poster), your preferred splinter workshop, provide a 200-word plain text abstract, and (optionally) figures with extended captions and links for further reading. Once complete, please send the completed form to before 12:00 GMT on Tuesday December 10th 2019 (and remember to register for BOTH the plenaries and the splinters).

Invited Speakers

January 20th 2020:

  • Ravit Helled, University of Zurich (Origins of the Ice Giants)
  • Jonathan Fortney, UC Santa Cruz (Interiors of Ice Giants)
  • Ricardo Hueso, University of Bilbao (Atmospheric Dynamics and Clouds)
  • Julianne Moses, Space Science Institute (Atmospheric Chemistry)
  • Henrik Melin, University of Leicester (Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere)
  • Krista Soderlund, University of Texas (Ice Giant Dynamos)
  • Carol Paty, University of Oregon (Ice Giant Magnetospheres)
  • Laurent Lamy, Observatoire de Paris Meudon (Ice Giant Auroras)
  • Mark Showalter, SETI Institute (Rings of Uranus and Neptune)
  • Elizabeth Turtle, APL, Maryland (Satellites of Uranus)
  • Michele Bannister, Queens University Belfast (Triton and the KBO Connection)
  • Poster Session 17:00-18:15

January 21st 2020:

  • Heidi Hammel, Space Science Institute (A Voyager Retrospective)
  • TBD (The Exoplanetary Perspective)
  • Abigail Rymer, APL, Maryland (The Heliophysics Perspective)
  • Mark Hofstadter, JPL (US Perspectives on Ice Giant Missions)
  • TBD (European Perspectives on Ice Giant Missions)
  • John Elliot, JPL (Mission Design Prospects)
  • Tom Spilker, JPL (Enabling Technologies for Ice Giants)
  • Richard Ambrosi, University of Leicester (Space Nuclear Power)
  • Discussion: Strategies for Ice Giant Missions in the 2020s

January 22nd 2020:

  • Splinter Sessions

Local Information

Details on accommodation and transport during your stay in London.

Please check back for further details.

Instructions for reaching the Royal Society are available here.


  • Leigh Fletcher (University of Leicester)
  • Adam Masters (Imperial College)
  • Ian Cohen (Applied Physics Laboratory)
  • Amy Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center)
  • Mark Hofstadter (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • Athena Coustenis (Observatoire de Paris Meudon)
  • Chris Arridge (Lancaster University)
  • Kathleen Mandt (Applied Physics Laboratory)

Along with advice and guidance from Diego Turrini, Laurent Lamy, David Atkinson, Pontus Brandt, Olivier Witasse, Olivier Mousis, and Abigail Rymer.

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