First Announcement

First Announcement: Ice Giant Systems 2020.

January 20th-22nd 2020, Royal Society, London.


New and ambitious missions to the distant Ice Giants and their satellites will become a key element of our Solar System exploration in the coming decades. The planetary community is warmly invited to attend an international conference on Ice Giant exploration at the Royal Society in London.


The meeting will consist of two days of invited plenary talks and a third day of splinter workshops, aiming to showcase the cutting edge of Ice Giant system research and the rationale for a return to Uranus and Neptune. Plenaries and splinter workshops will be summarised in a special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A (one of the world’s oldest scientific journals, dating to the 1660s), reviewing state-of-the-art knowledge of the Ice Giant Systems.


The plenary discussion meeting is free to attend, sponsored by the Royal Society. A small fee will be levied for the splinter meetings. The early announcement of the meeting date should allow contributors to seek funding for travel and accommodation in London – US participants might consider the AAS international travel grant program (deadline in June 2019); UK participants could look to the Royal Astronomical Society travel grants (deadline in August 2019).

Registration and Abstracts:

A second announcement will be circulated when the registration and abstract submission portals are open.

Best wishes on behalf of the #IceGiants2020 Science Organising Committee:

Leigh Fletcher, Adam Masters, Ian Cohen, Amy Simon, Mark Hofstadter, Athena Coustenis, Chris Arridge, Kathleen Mandt, Diego Turrini, Laurent Lamy, David Atkinson, Pontus Brandt, Olivier Witasse, Olivier Mousis, and Abigail Rymer.